Bespoke Painted Wall Panelling

Tall panelling works well to create the illusion of a taller ceiling, especially if installed near or just above house door architrave height. Painted in eggshell it is an extremely durable and wipe-able decorative surface, making it extremely useful in hallways as well as dining and sitting rooms.  The extra height, as well as the texture and pattern created with tall panelling, lends a feeling of traditional homeliness and cosiness and is a great backdrop to antique or mid-century furniture. To calculate the panelling required in square metres, simply multiply the height that you wish to install the panelling, from the floor, and multiply by the width required. Then multiply the answer by the price per square metre, which is shown for each style. Alternatively, you can send us these basic dimensions and we will calculate the quantity and cost for you, as well as discussing your requirements in more detail. As this is a bespoke product, we are able to offer a survey prior to production and installation, please call the office for more detail.

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